Guide to Getting Foreign Worker Insurance in Malaysia

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It is not surprising that Malaysia is a popular travel destination for both visitors and expats given its reputation for a market of options that is equally diverse and lively as its rich history and culture. One of the most important things to plan and consider before coming to this country is the healthcare and insurance options that are available. Concepts Groups has put together this advice of what needs to be taken into account for getting foreign worker insurance in Malaysia for your peace of mind while you pursue your career.

The Public and Private Healthcare Systems

The public sector of healthcare in Malaysia is heavily subsidised by the local Ministry of Health with shared funding from taxes, while not being specifically a national health service. However, this market is only open to Malaysian citizens, and its services are frequently oversubscribed. A superior level of care and facilities are available to everyone in the private healthcare sector, but the cost is higher.

Healthcare Cost for Expats in Malaysia

Any foreigner can access the greatest medical personnel and equipment in Malaysia. However, the costs in the public and private sectors are extremely dissimilar. For instance, a Malaysian resident just needs to pay MYR 30 for surgery admittance, however overseas patients may be required to pay up to MYR 1100. However, if we take currency rates into consideration, the admission fee is only about 270 USD as opposed to the over 10,000 USD fees in countries like the United States.

Healthcare Rule Exceptions

The Malaysian Ministry of Health also reduces or waives fees for certain categories in order to reduce the cost of medical care in public hospitals, including:

– Disabled individuals

– Public sector workers

– Students

– Individuals making less than RM300 per month

– Holders of National Islamic Council or Social Welfare cards

Of course, in order to receive these advantages, adequate documentation must be offered, such as the relevant cards, certificates, or certifying letters. The subsidy is often only available to Malaysian nationals, however it is also available to foreigners that fall into the aforementioned categories and stay in Malaysia for 182 days or more each year.

Telephone Access Care

It may be more difficult to access superior medical services if you are residing in a rural area. In order to improve accessibility in this area for locals and foreigners alike who may be located in more remote areas and in need of medical care, the Malaysian government set up a teleconsultation system. For the benefit of both patients and doctors, this technology is also used for the storing and sharing of medical records. These teleconsultations also take place between outlying physicians and practitioners in larger clinics.

Surgical Insurance Schemes and Hospitalisation for Foreign Worker in Malaysia

The Malaysian government implemented the Overseas Worker Hospitalization and Surgical Insurance Scheme in 2011, making insurance for foreign employees a requirement. Long-term expatriates do, however, have less perks because they are expected to pay for their own medical insurance.

Employers may occasionally pay for foreign worker insurance, but obtaining supplemental health insurance is a prudent backup plan in case something goes wrong. It is advisable to choose private international coverage when it comes to receiving complete coverage, such as consultations, hospital costs, and medicines because the services will be more flexible, have higher coverage levels, be simple to renew, and have regulations that are enforced.

Get private medical insurance that is appropriate for you and your family due to increased healthcare costs from foreigners who do not have access to public sector services. Insurance companies offer a variety of plans, some of which include:

  • Health Card: Base policy covering hospitalisation and a treatment allowance for selected hospitals
  • Critical Illness: Lumpsum fund provided for treatment
  • Disability: A series of incomes for the disabled
  • Hospital Income: A fixed amount of money for a patient’s treatment at selected hospitals

When choosing an insurance, keep in mind that some policies for international workers also cover different kinds of treatments for other conditions.

Before selecting the best foreign worker insurance for you, there are numerous factors to take into account. Simply get in touch with Concepts Groups  for more help if you need it to get the one that meets your requirements well.

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