Different Types of House Cleaning Services

When firing up a cleaning company you need to choose what kinds of house cleaning services you will offer to your clients. You need to offer services that line up with your plan of action and that are sought after in your general vicinity or what your client needs.

There are two kinds of clients when cleaning houses: one-time and recurring. Once clients just need their home cleaned once. Recurring clients need their home cleaned consistently.

One-time Services

Here are the most normally offered one-time benefits for house keeping:

An regular cleaning will be the essential cleaning you offer your clients. You should concoct a rundown of cleaning errands that you will perform for each cleaning. You can look through house cleaning services on Google in your general vicinity to find out about what they offer.

A spring/deep cleaning is everything remembered for your standard cleaning with some additional cleaning tasks. Like with the regular cleaning, research services in your general vicinity to figure out what additional tasks you will offer.

An end of lease cleaning is fundamentally a spring cleaning without furniture. You would play out the very errands that you would for a spring/deep cleaning. There are a few organizations that offer extra undertakings, for example, cleaning within the cupboards, cooler, and broiler remembered for the end of lease cleaning or offer them as additional items. It’s up to you whether you will offer these errands.

Recurring Services

Here are the cleaning frequencies for repeating cleanings:

  • Week by week
  • Bi-weekly (every 2 weeks)
  • Month to month (every 4 weeks)

For recurring clients, you can either offer an regular or spring/deep cleaning for their underlying cleaning. After the underlying cleaning, you will play out a customary/support cleaning on a repetitive premise.

What Customers Should I Target?

You will likely get as many repeating week after week, bi-weekly, and month to month clients as could be expected. These clients will in general be the most beneficial over the long haul.

A week by week client will pay you 52 times each year while a bi-weekly client will pay you 26 times each year. Likewise, recurring cleanings are much simpler to clean than one-time cleanings, and you can clean them in a more limited measure of time.

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